"If we are going to be part of the solution. We have to engage the problem"

      ACURTECH, LLC is located in Pittsburgh PA. We represent and distribute manufacturers products and services for the industrial markets. Our territory mainly covers Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia.


      Acurtech has many complimentary sources available that are not listed on our website. Our sources are available to assist with your project development, budgetary costs, enginineering and project management. From initial engineering stage to final project commissioning.





Air Polution Control - Dust Collectors, Baghouses & ESP's


Air Handling - Fans, Expansion Joints, Dampers & Ductwork


Bulk Material Handling Equipment - Mechanical & Pnuematic


Heat Exchangers - Plate/Frame & Shell/Tube


RKB Bearings  - Spherical, Taper and Thrust Bearings


Wear Resistant Fabrications - General Fabrications, Chutes & Hoppers


Field Services, Tech Services, Field Inspections & Reporting

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