SPIRA/flo pipe, an internally pressed grooved aluminum or stainless-steel pipe/tube designed to minimize angel hairs, streamers, and other material buildup caused by conveying plastic pellets.


A Superior Solution to Shot peening & Dimpled Pipe Prior to SPIRA/flo, shot peening was the primary method of treating pipe interiors to reduce material buildup.


While shot peening was somewhat effective, it required frequent retreatment due to the abrasive nature of the pellets, which wore away the pipe's surface. SPIRA/flo, on the other hand, utilizes a unique internal grooving process that displaces metal rather than cutting into it. This method creates a series of ridges and valleys that disrupt the airflow, forcing the pellets away from the pipe wall and preventing material buildup.


The SPIRA/flo method of pipe treatment is a proven solution for minimizing material buildup and extending pipe life in plastic pellet pneumatic conveying applications.


Its superior performance, durability, and five-year warranty make it the preferred choice for many of today’s plastics producers


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